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That special day can take years to plan, and can cost a small fortune so why not make sure that your wedding dress fits you perfectly. At Gii tailoring we specialise in making and altering wedding dresses With No job is to big or to small, from whether shortening your dress length, taking in the sides, shotrening or adding straps to your dress, reshaping the neck line, to totally redesigning your dress.

 We can even accessorise your wedding dress if you feel it needs that something extra, adding beads, sewing schzorwski crystals, even sewing extra netting to give your dress that extra fullness

 If you need advice about your dress, or wish to know how much it may cost to get it altered then contact us via our contact page to arrange for a free consultation, quotation or fitting.


Finding your ideal wedding dress can at times take its toll on you, so when it comes to your bridesmaid you would like it to go plain sailing. Well that may be the case, if you have just one of them, but what happens when you have two, three or more of them, yes it get a whole load more complex.

Just agreeing amongst themselves, as to what they would like to wear can be hard, they may all be different shapes and sizes with each one trying to have something that suits and looks great on them.

yes, lets say it, plain sailing its not..

Well! Thats where we come in, with our years of experience and multitude of weddings we have made and altered dresses for, its a piece of cake.

Just like wedding dreeses we can nip, tuck and do all manners of alterations to the dresses, making them look and fit like they have personally been made for each and everyone of your truely lovely bridesmaids.

other dresses

Not only do we specialise in bridlewear, but at Gii tailoring we also alter and make a variety of other dresses, from your standard work dresses, day dresses, Cocktail dresses, Prom dresses, to beautiful Evening dresses.

We are fully qualified and have a wealth of experience in womens clothing and fashion. If you have any queries regarding your dress, require a quotation, or would like to book an appointment, then please contact us via our contact page and we will happily asist you to the best of our knowledge and experience.